- Unique, modern design, blending integrally with the space of bathing salon
- Unlimited possibilities of individual arrangement /Shiva/
- Therapeutic functions of steam bath, chromotherapy, music therapy and hygienic functions in a single device
- Exceptional possibility of creating, by means of light and SKY or MOONWALK chromotherapy systems, one's own, individual Wellness space
- 2 years' guarantee, name-brand component producers


Why are our products worth purchasing? There is a lot of evidence confirming that our hydromassage systems are fully compliant with what is regarded as top quality craftsmanship. Firstly, our designers spare no effort to combine functionality and modern look. Ruben Design products add distinctive style to any bathroom, therefore they are ideally suited for professional spa and wellness centres. Secondly, Shiva pre-built saunas offers unlimited options of arrangement, thus they can be very easily customized according to your individual preferences. In addition, our systems are equipped with a multitude of therapeutic functions which can be used simultaneously so as to combine the healing properties of steam bath, hydromassage, chromo- and music therapy. Such a broad spectrum of applications in only one device! What?s more, our assortment can be further extended by yet another attractive option in the form of chromotherapy (systems Sky and Moonwalk). By means of light this solution allows you to add accent and create a unique ambience in your room. On top of everything else, we offer our customers 2-year warranty on all our products and professional assistance during installation of the purchased items.


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