- digital control technology: prevents damage /e.g. seizure/ of mechanical components
- DIGITAL PROwellnes- professional hydrotherapy system
- temperature sensor in the bottom of the bath - precise readout of water temperature
- TIMER - bath duration setup in each system; real-time CLOCK - MAXUS
- hydropneumatic components (pumps, blowers, etc) from leading European manufacturers
- solid metal controller enclosures
- 2 YEARS' GUARANTEE for hydromassage
- homogeneous, exclusive design of components
- simple, clear and ergonomic control panels
- intuitive control of system functions
- a timeless classic, trendy style and perfection of technology
- adaptable to all bathtubs; independent, close (hygienic) air sustem; possibility of installation in bath units from outside the RUBEN offer; PERSONALIZATION - individual selection of jets and their arrangement
- ozonator
- an array of special PHILIPS lamps
- neutral for the organism disinfection of water in the bathtub
- three-way construction of jets creates a therapeutic waft of water intensly massaging (not hitting) the body
in close, superhygienic air system. 3 types of jets:
- 3-hole - huge bubbles for tapping massage of the back
- 5-hole - medium-size bubbles: penatrating and tapping; enhancing peristalsis and functioning of inner organs
- 7-hole - small bubbles: penetrating; cleansing the skin, opening up skin pores, oxygenating, removing deposits, fighting cellulite

Why are Ruben Design hydromassage systems worth choosing? The answer is simple - Ruben Design systems and appliances are a luxury within reach. We have solutions aimed at diverse customers: from individuals to professional spa salons. What's more, our assortment allows you to choose either ready-made systems of hydromassage and chromotherapy, or you can put everything together individually from scratch - whichever you prefer. Other advantages of Ruben hydromassage systems are: digital control technology (Ruben Digital), which monitors all system components and prevents them from potential damage, professional ProWellness programmes, temperature sensors and electronic display, 2-year warranty on hydromassage systems, exclusive and elegant look of our products, a wide variety of additional functions, which can be combined to create a unique and original design ? these are the distinguishable features of our products. All bathtubs manufactured by Ruben Design are anatomically shaped - the same applies to the location of jets, which thus arranged make the massage even more effective. We invite you to take a closer look at our hydromassage offer available on Ruben Design web site. There you will surely find yourself a suitable solution.

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