- depth allowing full submersion of legs, back and shoulders
- 20 YEARS' GUARANTEE for top-quality sanitary acrylic ICI
- 4 mm thick acrylic ensures solidity and durability of bath shell structure
- stabilizer of the bottom of the bath
- full range of shapes and sizes

- homogenous, exclusive design of components
- simple, clear and ergonomic control panels
- intuitive control of system functions
- timeless classic, trendy style and technological perfection
- each system adaptable to every bathtub model
- guarantee of cleanness - automatic disinfection


Bathtubs designed and manufactured by Ruben Design experts are a true luxury in their class - our pleased customers are their best advertisement. Thanks to a wide selection of our offer those who buy our products are not only individual customers setting-up or rearranging their bathroom but also owners of spa centres, in which our bath accessories help to create a unique, luxurious atmosphere. What makes our offer so attractive and decidedly worth considering? Well, it's simple - we give 20 years guarantee on our bathtubs. The acrylic from which they are made is ICI sanitary grade acrylic. Other advantages are: a stabilizer with which our tubs are equipped plus the fact that the customers have a variety of shapes and forms to choose from - you can easily find something suitable for yourself. The advanced systems all models of our baths can be equipped with are easy and intuitive to operate. Because each tub has an option of automatic disinfection, you don't have to worry about its cleanliness and sanitary condition. To sum up, if you need a state of the art bathtub - durable, with a multitude of options and uniquely interesting form and design - we invite you to take a look at our catalogues.

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