Decorative chromotherapy developed by Ruben Design offers a limitless number of combinations regarding the layout and location of the light sources – ceilings, floors, corridors, tubs, saunas – it is only a small part of all possible installation locations. All our therapeutic light systems have professional attestation. The most important features include: water-tightness, silent work, low power consumption, maintenance-free operation up to 80,000 hrs., stable and non-dazzling light. Our diodes emit light in seven different colours by blending together the three basic colours – red, green and blue. The lights can be set to the alternate mode by means of the remote or the control panel integrated with other systems. Each chromotherapy system can be freely expanded or interconnected so as to produce a completely unique final effect. Ease of installation and decorativeness are the next noteworthy qualities of Ruben chromotherapy. However, the most important aspect of our lighting system are the healing properties so helpful in stress relief and many other health conditions.

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