Hydrmassage bathtubs offer numerous possibilities. Depending on individual preferences various combinations are available. There are three basic types of hydromassage: water, air and air-water massage. The most commonly used is the water variant, which utilizes a system of jets delivering a stream of water. The air variant also utilizes jets, but they are located in the bottom of the tub and deliver compressed air. The most advanced is the air-water variant, which combines the two mentioned previously. All modern systems are fully electronically controlled by means of a remote. It allows easy setup of the desired temperature, the volume and intensity of the water stream, bath duration and many others. As we have already mentioned, our company places particular emphasis on individual approach to customer, therefore, in order to satisfy even the most demanding requirements Ruben Design has created the line of six different systems of hydromassage. We hope you will enjoy our offer. We also invite you to take a closer look at the systems created by Ruben Design.

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