Styrofoam panels for tiling

For: rectangular, corner and other baths

  • fitted to all bath units
  • easy service access
  • easily adaptable to the size and the shape of a bath unit
  • ready-made for tiling
  • integrate the bathtub with the design of the bathing salon
Baths w/h hydromassage (panel with or w/o shelf)

panel without a shelf

Bath units with hydromassage or chromotherapy (panel with a shelf

panel with a shelf

rectangular panel with a shelf

panel w/o a shelf

panel before tiling

ready panel with a shelf

Fitting to size

joining pieces together using tongue and groove method

adjusting the length by means of vertical notches

adjusting the height by means of horizontal notches

Fitting elastic panel to the bath's shape

shaping the panel

fitting to the bath's shape

panel fitted to the bath


Types of styrofoam panels w/o a shelf

  • Panel for corner/other baths 270 x 68–52
  • Panel for rectangular baths 195–150 x 90–70 x 58–52

Types of styrofoam panels with a shelf

  • Panel for corner/other baths 270 x 68–52
  • Panel for rectangular baths 195–150 x 90–70 x 58–52


Polystyrene panels for tiling are ideal for even the most unusually shaped baths. They can be installed with rectangular, corner and custom bath units. Our panels are ready-made for tiling. Apart from flexibility, which makes them easy to fit to various shapes, they possess many other advantages: easy installation, removal of elements or even complete dismounting in case of plumbing repairs. Another advantage of polystyrene is its insulating property, which prevents water poured into a bathtub from cooling down too quickly. Besides, polystyrene also provides good acoustic insulation, thereby minimizing the noise of the propelled water stream. Polystyrene panels make a good stabilizing frame. If you decide on this type of panelling, it is possible to enhance it by adding extras such as small steps or extended edges. Choosing a polystyrene panel will greatly complement the décor of your bathroom becoming its integral part. Depending on your needs you can choose a variant with or without a shelf. However, it is worth pointing out that, when arranging your dream bathroom, it is best to have the project done by professionals, who will utilise the full potential of the panel to be fitted, at the same time taking care of the final result in order to bring you maximum satisfaction.

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