Shiva - steam bath for individual design


Shiva steam sauna is directed primarily to the customers who prefer their own arrangement of the bathroom suite. This model frees you from all worries concerning the size of the room, because it can be easily adapted to any space. Shiva sauna comes with the following components: steam generator with control system, steam jet with aromatherapy, mounting sleeves, alarm, temperature sensor and control panel. As for the installation, it can be accomplished in three ways. In the first option the steam generator is placed in the seat and insulated. Service access has to be provided through one of the sides of the cabin. In the second option the generator is mounted outside the cabin in the same room. The enclosure should provide easy maintenance and service access. In the third option the generator is installed in the adjoining room while the steam is delivered to the cabin through a system of pipes. Similar to the previous two options, make sure that there is an easy service access to the generator.

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