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The rectangular shower cabin Rubin 120 / 90 is a multifunction technologically advanced unit, which combines sauna with innovative hydromassage system. At your request Rubin 120 / 90 configuration can be extended by Ruben Colours system of chromotherapy. The panel of Rubin 120 / 90 has a built-in radio integrated with the system, so the sounds of music can make your time spent under the shower even more pleasurable. All Ruben hydrotherapeutic devices are characterized by unique and ultramodern design, which brings a little bit of luxury to your home. The line of Rubin shower cabins makes any bathroom complete, adding to the interior a special quality and trendy feel. In the case of a shower cabin however, although a nice addition, it is not only the aesthetic qualities that decide about its value. What really matters is the functionality. Rubin 120/ 90 offers you the experience of a professional spa brought right to your doorstep. Steam bath reduces stress, improves skin condition, helps to keep body weight under control and stay healthy during cold and flu season.

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