Ruben Universe is the one and only complex system of chromotherapy available on our market. It consists of floor lighting (Ruben Terra), RubenColours therapeutic system built into the bathtub and decorative crystals fitted in the ceiling (Ruben Sky). All three systems are connected to a single steering device, therefore all functions are activated by means of one control panel only. Ruben Universe will dramatically change the feel of any interior – a simple bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious wellness parlour and all spa salons gain a professional and unique character. Relaxation, decorativeness and healing properties are the three qualities of overriding importance in our holistic system of chromotherapy. If you are interested in creating an interesting and personal design of your home and bathroom, acquiring at the same time a great tool for fighting stress or sleeplessness, this seems to be a perfect offer. If you are worried about the assembly, our team of specialists is always at your disposal.


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