Every bathtub must be cared for properly, however the hydromassage type needs special attention, because stagnant bath water trapped in the lines provides the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Limescale, soap scum and aromatherapy oil residue are yet another problem. If the proper maintenance gets neglected the jets may produce an unpleasant smell. For these reasons all our hydromassage tubs have the option of installing an automatic system of disinfection, which guarantees maximum hygiene protection and consequently safe bathing. The sanitizing process begins automatically when your bath is finished. The only thing to do is to put a Ruben Purrus sanitizer tablet into the container ? the rest will be managed practically all by itself. The dissolved tablet form a solution which efficiently disinfects the pump, the pipes and the jets, removing deposits and organic impurities (e.g. dead epidermal cells). In order for the sanitizing procedure to be a hundred percent successful we recommend to use only professional formulas developed by our company: Ruben Cleaner and Ruben Purrus. Only then can we guarantee bests effects and the optimum operation of the system.

Ruben Design not only develops state-of-the-art bathroom equipment - we also care about its maintenance and life-span. This is why we have created a unique line of cleaning products - Ruben Purrus and Ruben Cleaner. Ruben Purrus tabs are a perfect choice for hydromassage systems with automatic disinfection function - one tablet put into the receptacle and the sanitizing process begins. Ruben Cleaner not only cleans effectively but also eliminates unpleasant odours that may come from improperly maintained pipes and jets. The question as to how often the process should be repeated depends on water hardness and how intensively the system is used. On average, the procedure of flushing the system with our formulas should be repeated every 4-6 weeks. Of course our cleaning products will perform equally well when used with jetted tubs from other manufacturers. If we want our bathtub and the hydromassage system to serve us well for many years under no circumstances should any aggressive chemical agents with caustic properties be used, because it might have a devastating effect on the whole electrical installation.

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