The first of our systems of chromotherapy is Ruben Colours, in which the light sources are built into the bath. Depending on you preferences, Ruben Colours chromotherapy is offered in two versions differing in the number of LEDs: ColourLux (40 LEDs) and ColoursOptima (25 LEDs). Each version comes with the pulsation option, light intensity regulation, professional prowellness programmes and selection of colour sequence. All the lights are waterproof, thus they have a wide area of applications – in bathtubs, steam cabins, saunas and hydromassage systems. The main health benefits of coloured light therapy are: preventing winter depression, reduction of daily stress, reduction of pre-menstrual syndrome, eliminating sleep and eating disorders. As you can see, the therapy with coloured light can help in many health conditions. What is important, this therapy produces no side-effects so frequently occurring during pharmacological treatment. You can enjoy the benefits of light therapy all year round, however, the most recommended seasons are autumn and winter, when our bodies suffer most due to the lack of sunlight.

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