Each of our hydromassage systems can be extended by additional options. We have in our offer a very wide assortment of products, therefore we leave key decisions regarding bathroom fittings to be taken by our customers. It is only the customers who can tell what they really need from what could turn out to be unnecessary spending. In order to help you make reasonable and satisfying choices, we explain on our website what all the extra accessories are about and how they can add to your dream hydromassage tub. Our offer includes: illuminated floor and ceiling system (Ruben Terra and Ruben Space), water heater, Ruben Purrus auto-purge system, integrated chromotherapy lights (Ruben Colours), Ruben Aroma system of aromatherapy and Ruben Jets (selection from among various types of jets). We hope that our offer will be helpful in creating the bathroom of your dreams - a place with a breath of luxury and an oasis of calmness in your home. Of course all the above mentioned enhancements are solutions equally valuable for professional spas and health centres.

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