A hydromassage bathtub brings a little luxury into your bathroom. Ruben Design offers systems designed for both home use and professional spa/wellness centres. This gives you a guarantee that the quality of bathing experience at home won't be any different from bathing experience in professional luxurious salons. The benefits of hydromassage are: relaxation of the whole body, relaxation of the muscles plus rehabilitative and therapeutic properties. Hydromassage combines all the advantages of a regular massage and a bath, thereby it is an offer for individuals suffering from backache, headache, spine conditions, sciatica or sleeplessness. Apart from its rehabilitative and therapeutic properties hydromassage has numerous applications in cosmetology - it improves skin tone, helps get rid of cellulite and shapes abdominal muscles. The benefits of therapeutic baths were well known in ancient times - Roman baths were part of the day-to-day life of the aristocratic classes. Fortunately, today it is not necessary to belong to the social elite to possess such luxury in one's own bathroom. Ruben Design offer includes six different systems of hydrotherapy, each equipped with Ruben Purrus automated disinfection system: Maxus, Rexus, Titan, Neos, Kenzo and Ajax.

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