All bathing and hydromassage devices manufactured by Ruben Design come with modern electronic control modules easy and intuitive to operate. Each model in every line has a separate control panel. Depending on the options available in each model the control panels may slightly differ functionally. Our brand prefers comfort and simplicity, this is why we do not utilize pneumatic or manual methods. Fully electronic steering systems guarantee ease of use and quick access to all functions. Instead of stressful learning how to operate a product and hours spent on studying vaguely written manuals, you can enjoy a relaxing hydromassage in a shower cabin relieved how easy it is to program. Even a child can handle a Ruben Design control system! It has been achieved by clear and straigthforward pictograms on all buttons, which illustrate precisely what function each button controls. Our control panels include: control panel for Shiva pre-built steam sauna, Rubin steam system and radio control panel, and Ruben Colours panel responsible for chromotherapy.

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