Baths and front panels

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In the rich inventory of Ruben Design company you will find, among others, modern bathtubs, exclusive skirt panels, bathroom fittings, faucets and much more. The large assortment comes in a wide variety of shapes - our shop has the following models on offer: regular corner baths, asymmetric corner baths, rectangular and also custom tubs. What is more, each of the mentioned models is available in a variety of types, which means that if you decide to buy an asymmetric corner bath you will be offered a wide spectrum of models to choose from. Thanks to our products you can arrange your bathroom in the most unique manner or equip a spa centre with top-quality professional class appliances. If you want to arrange a new bathroom, or refurbish the old one, or if you run your own spa/wellness business, our offer is the right choice. Our designers seek to provide you, in the first place, with usefulness and modern, exclusive look of the equipment - no matter if it is a bathtub or a bathroom related component, Ruben Design brand guarantees the highest quality and innovative design. Besides, our catalogue includes built-in bathtubs as well as free standing bath units. It is necessary to add that all our products are easy to install and have very advantageous guarantee terms. We invite you to browse through our detailed offer, which you will find on Ruben Design web site.

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