Types of panels


"L" right

"L" left



Acrylic surround for rectangular baths is characterized first of all by straightforward installation. Convenient clips fitted to the bath, wall or frame enable easy disassembly - a feature of great importance, especially when the bathtub or plumbing need repairing. If an uncontrolled leak appears the water can be easily and quickly removed without the stress of ruining the whole bathroom. Of course the fewer clips are seen the more aesthetic the final look. We offer our acrylic surrounds in the following colour options: white, oak, walnut and the tropical wenge tree - everyone will something for themselves. If you decide on this type of surround the most adequate shape needs to be considered first. We offer three types of acrylic surrounds: front surround, 'left L' surround and 'right R' surround, so each of you can easily choose an option that will exactly match the requirements of your bathroom. Our rectangular bathtub surrounds combine the highest quality of the materials used with a beautiful and luxurious look.

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